It's hard to imagine two films that are, in some sense, aiming at horror that are more different in their approach, especially when you consider that both need some explanation just to wrap your head around if they are members of the genre at all.

These are also two films where expectations may lead you down the wrong path to enjoying them, and they are two films that are better than we thought they'd be... for what that's worth.

Tune in and find out our take on these films, and we'll also give you a bit of a rundown of what's headed your way.

Good Boys is a difficult movie to judge by the trailers, because it seems to market itself for those who sneak in. Still, there are some notable comedic names attached to the project and coming-of-age doesn't often go completely wrong. 

Tune in and we'll let you know if this one is worth your time. We're also jumping back to The Dead Don't Die, because zombie movies shouldn't get skipped.

The summer is fast abandoning us and it doesn't seem that weird CGI "live action" remakes or Tarantino can save us. As theaters ditch us in their deal with TV to let us have our eyeballs for fall, are either of these movies worth the time?

We'll let you know our thoughts on these two films that a lot of people are hopeful for... whether there's any reason to be or not.

The Spider-Man franchise has to make some odd moves as a continuation of the broader Marvel story, and it's hard to know how that's going to play out going into this one. Beyond that, our new incarnation of the web-slinger has his own hurdles to get past.

Is this one worth your time, and will Gyllenhaal give us a decent villain?

The return to certain franchises is often a longshot, especially when we're looking at large gaps between releases, but Men in Black International takes this to a whole new level. The best-case scenario for expectations seems questionable when you're after a franchise no one has mentioned in a decade.

But, stranger things have turned into solid films. Does this one have anything to pull you in, even if that may only be a small bite of popcorn fun? We'll let you know if this one is worth your time.

June 14, 2019

Dark Phoenix Review

The X-Men franchise hasn't had the success one might hope in this era of superhero/comic book films, and heading into Dark Phoenix, fans had to wonder if they were going to get something that was truly following Apocalypse or a branch that looked more like Logan.

We'll let you know if you need to see this one in theaters, or at all, and if it adds life to a franchise that might be looking to reboot.

We're also going to run through a few films heading your way soon, and the odd summer approaching.

We're covering Booksmart this week and with all the social media attention this one is getting you may be planning to fit this one into your schedule. Despite a box office showing that isn't anything to cheer about, critics are loving this one. But, does it live up to the hype it's now getting?

We'll let you know if this one is worth your time at all and/or if you need to get to theaters before it gets pushed out by bigger releases.

May 21, 2019

John Wick 3 Review

John Wick was a surprisingly solid effort and pulled in enough fans that we're now on the third film, with the release date for the next installment already confirmed. But, the second film was a little rough and didn't so much end as spend its last half hour hoping to convince you a third was a good idea.

Tune in and we'll let you know if the wait pays off and if John Wick 3 stays true to its own world in order to set the stage for the upcoming TV series focusing on The Continental.

We also couldn't avoid taking a few shots at the Game of Thrones finale, so there's that.

May 14, 2019

Long Shot Review

It's the sort of thing that you don't want to let a title get away with, but this Long Shot might just surprise a lot of people. You may not get exactly what you think, based on trailers, but Theron has proven that she can make just about anything work.

Give us a listen, and we'll let you know if you need to get to this one while you have the chance.

It's finally here, and as you may recall, we were split on the last installment of The Avengers. Where will that leave us with this one?

It's probably not that hard to guess.

It's going to be the biggest movie in many years and we'll let you know how many times you need to see it.

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